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energy flows where attention goes!

“Makia” is one of the core principles of Hawaiian Huna (an ancient, metaphysical, mystical and spiritual system of living). “Makia” means “energy flows where attention goes.” Makia reflects the mind -body connection and the spiritual, metaphysical and vibrational nature of health and wellness that affirms: “as above, so below” and “thoughts are things.”

For disease, illness, injury or any less than optimal health situation to manifest three things are necessary and treating any one of these three things will improve your health.

First, the physical environment must be welcoming. A pathogen, bacteria, virus, carcinogen, genetic predisposition or some Achilles’ heel must be present, supported and cultivated. These are the things that western medicine treats usually with drugs and/or surgeries that attack, remove, control, confine, weaken or destroy the physical elements that cause ill health.

Second, a belief must be present: We must believe that illness, specific or general, is possible and that we are susceptible to it. This is what is called, in holistic circles, “the mind/body connection”. Various forms of psychiatric analysis and psychological therapy as well as prayer, meditation, affirmations, visualization and attitudinal and lifestyle changes address, impact, confront and transform these beliefs allowing us to become, and stay, healthy.

The third thing that is necessary is an appropriate or compatible vibration. Vibrations are all around us in the form of electro-magnetism, light, sound and other, less detectable energy waves such as microwaves, infrared and ultra-violet light, radio waves, kundilini and the movements of our guardian angels and other spirit entities. All these vibrational energies impact our bodies, our minds and our health and wellness in a variety of ways.

Your body which seems so solid is actually a slow, dense collection of vibrational energies. Physically we are ultimately made up of atoms and our bodies’ cells, fibers, structures, organs and processes are constantly being created by, reacting to and fluctuating with the vibrational energies that originate in the movement of electrons around the nuclei of these atoms. Each of our organs and physical body structures has its own tempo, speed and pace of movement—its characteristic vibration. Likewise, every germ, pathogen, virus, misstep, inattention, activity, intention and stressor also has its own vibration.

Your body’s cellular vibrations attract and accept compatible vibrations to create your wellness patterns just as two hydrogen atoms attract and adhere to an oxygen atom to make a water molecule.

For instance, a healthy respiratory tract will repel and discard a cold virus because our body’s natural state of vibration is one of health, vitality, vibrancy, ease, joy and positive creative expression. However, life is full of stressors and environmental, lifestyle, dietary and other internal and external activities can cause our natural healthy vibrations to become skewed, slowed, wonky or ineffective thus creating a welcoming vibrational opportunity for illness or accident.

How do we appropriately address our vibrational circumstances? Just as our bodies have physical systems: muscular, skeletal, digestive, lymphatic, etc., we have vibrational and energetic systems called subtle bodies. These subtle bodies are constantly interacting with our denser physical systems as well as with each other and our environment in complex and intricate ways. Keeping our subtle bodies healthy, strong and supple is important if we are to keep our physical bodies healthy, strong and supple.

The most commonly known and understood vibrational systems are chakras, auras and meridians. The most powerful and successful treatments that keep these and our other subtle systems healthy include Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

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