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Reiki is a holistic, hands-on technique for stress reduction, relaxation, health support, the alleviation of pain and the enhancement of emotional, mental and spiritual health. Reiki channels and invigorates your own life force energies and the life force energy of the universe that flow naturally through your body encouraging health, healing and happiness. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self improvement that anyone can use. It has been effective in relieving pain, stress, and the negative effects of medication. Reiki increases the benefits of our immune system and works with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki uses your own body’s healing power to correct and prevent ill health.

Reiki Treatment
One hour $40
Half hour $25

Reflexology derives from ancient practices in China, India, Egypt and South America. Reflexology is a holistic technique that reduces stress and promotes health and well being by stimulating reflex areas that are located in the feet, hands and face. Each reflex point directly relates to a specific body part, organ, or physical structure or process and manipulation of these reflex points alleviates pain and dis-ease, promotes ease of healing, improves circulation and stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems helping heal the body and enabling it to stay healthy.

Reflexology is deeply relaxing, non-invasive and works on many levels: physical, mental and emotional. Regular reflexology treatments may inhibit illness and/or injury by keeping the physical systems, particularly the immune, circulatory, muscular, digestive and lymphatic systems, in ideal working order.

One hour $40
Half hour $25

Aromatherapy uses the vibration qualities of the life force of plants, contained within its essential oils, to impact us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually at the cellular level. Raindrop Aromatherapy derives from a Native American Lakota healing practice that softly drops a series of essential oils one at a time over the spine and feathers each outward across the entire back. This process allows individual molecules of each oil, containing highly concentrated hormones, vitamins, antibiotics and antiseptics, to penetrate directly into the cellular structures of skin, bones, muscles, organs and nerves invigorating and repairing any sluggish or damaged parts and removing any toxins, litter, excess, useless or detrimental parts.

Raindrop Aromatherapy
One hour $50
Half hour $30
Chakra Balancing

Chakras are vortices or spinning wheels of energy that keep our physical selves, our emotional selves, our mental selves and our spiritual selves balanced, aligned and cooperative with each other and with our environment. We have many chakras, however the seven major chakras run parallel to our spine and each is associated with a specific gland and a nervous ganglia near it. Each chakra is also psychically supported by and responsible for a specific attitudinal and mental state and vibrationally aligned with its own color, sound, musical note, crystal or gemstone, geometric shape and emotional expression. When our chakras get out of balance we can get sick either physically or mentally.

Chakra Balancing
One half hour $25
Aura Clearing

An aura is that halo of energy that surrounds our body extending outward in all directions and it is this aura that we become aware of when we feel someone behind us staring at us, or when we feel uncomfortable when someone intrudes too closely into ‘our space’ or how we know when we enter a dark room or a dark house whether someone is there or not. Because it extends outside of our physical body our aura is constantly bombarded by the auric energies of other people, plants, animals, minerals, spiritual beings, circumstances, intentions, unfinished business, emotions, etc., both beneficial and not so. Our aura is discrete, flexible and resilient and is our first line of defense against dis-ease, injury, emotional upset and mental confusion as it absorbs all those negative and positive energies long before they impact us physically. Keeping our aura clear, clean and mended is vital to keeping our bodies healthy.

Aura clearing
One half hour $25

None of these treatment modalities are intended to replace your regular doctor’s advice and/or treatments. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a diagnostician. These vibrational treatments are intended to reduce stress and increase a sense of peace, comfort and ease. I cannot say that any physical or other condition you may have will be altered in any way by a vibration treatment; I can say that you will leave more rested, relaxed and happier than when you came in. This shift in emotional environment can create the opportunity for your own body’s natural healing ability to work more effectively, sometimes in substantial, surprising and profound ways.

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