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My first Reiki treatment was so relaxing that I fell asleep! I felt physically relaxed for days afterwards and emotionally more joyful and confident. After only a few Reiki treatments my doctor was able to reduce my blood pressure medication and now I am off them completely. E.J.


I was skeptical of Reiki at first, but after only a few treatments I am a believer in this powerful healing system! Reiki greatly reduced my fibromyalgia symptoms, and also reduced the negative side effects of my medication. I wouldnt miss my regular Reiki treatment now for anything. M.A.V.

I first received Reiki treatments to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. I was so impressed, I became a Reiki practitioner myself! R.S.

I have heard of Reiki for many years but never had a treatment. Recently I had a treatment from Dot and I felt so much better afterwards. I will definitely have more from her. She also did a treatment on a dear friend of mine. We will both be regular visitors of hers. She is a great, sensitive lady and did a remarkable job on us. Its almost as if she was reading my mind when she gave me my treatment. T.C.

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